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If you are using our Recipe Recommender, you might wonder about the recipes for the side dishes:

Flax roti: use one serving of my Flax Roti.

Coconut roti: use one serving of my Coconut Roti.

Cauli-Rice: use one cup of Cauliflower Rice cooked with 1 tbsp oil.

Simple salad: use one serving of my Simple Salad.

Chocolate: you can use one square (10g) of 85% chocolate or one square of dark unsweetened chocolate or, better yet, use one serving of my Keto chocolate.

Macro tracking can lead to people obsessing about weights and measurements of food and can be quite exhausting.

I personally prefer to just eyeball the measurements and macros, as otherwise it can be stressful to always keep track.

That is why I put together this small visual guide to estimate the carb count in different vegetables, so you can look at your plate and know if you are on the right track without having to weigh all your food. I will try to update it with new vegetables every now and then, and I am open to suggestions.

I hope you find it helpful!

Brussel Sprouts:
Cauliflower Rice:
Green beans, cooked (canned):
Kale (very tightly packed!):

This is the last of the posts from my vegan keto roundups, with the best vegan treats and fat bombs I found online.

If you want to check out the previous vegan roundups, you can check out the posts for vegan breakfasts, main courses and vegan Keto breads. </i>

If you like having fat bombs around as snacks, you can check out healthfulpursuit’s delicious peppermint fudge, Maria Emmerich’s easy almond joys or my easy lemon cake fat bombs.

For those like me who miss milk chocolate, this is my favorite substitute.

Also for chocolate lovers, you can give a go at this silky chocolate mousse (but be warned - it has tofu!),

or you can try to make brownies, following the recipe from meatfreeketo for protein brownies or trying out chocolatecoveredkatie’s.

If it is pies you miss, you can try these peanut butter pumpkin pies, or you can use an almond flour crust to make a lemon cheesecake (with tofu).

If you cannot be bothered with the oven, you can microwave these easy cinnamon mug puddings.

Lastly, there are many cookies you can make without eggs or dairy:

sugar cookies,

no-bake noatmeal fudge bars,

these amazing-looking namaibo bars,

tahini cookies

and these 4 ingredient keto cookie bars.

Making low carb bread can be a real challenge for vegans, as most keto breads are heavily egg based. I am afraid I found very few options for vegan keto breads, but I have tried most of the ones in this roundup and they will not let you down!

If you are a fan of indian food, you will love to hear you can make roti out of coconut flour, out of ground flax, and you can even try to make naan with coconut flour!
These broccoli parathas are delicious and require very few ingredients; simply substitute the cream cheese for your favorite almond cheese and you are in business!
For bread buns, you can enjoy these almond buns which are amazing for your morning toast!
If you miss crunchyness in your keto life, these crackers will save your day, and would make an awesome appetizer for your next low carb party.
And last but not least – the next recipes are probably the most bread-like, BUT they use vital wheat gluten, which might be a problem for some. I however sometimes use gluten for sausages or for bread and have no problem with it, so I thought I would include these as well: this recipe makes for an amazing looking bread loaf (and is very similar to a recipe that I myself make and that I love!), you can make a nutty bread and you can even make her low-carb foccacia! Hats off to Martine for these, they look absolutely delicious!

This is the second part of a three-part Vegan Recipe roundup. Today I am sharing 33 recipes for vegan savory dishes, all of them vegan and low-carb. Some are side dishes, but most of them are full meals with a good amount of plant-based protein. I hope you like them!

If you want to see the first post of this roundup, check out 12 vegan keto breakfasts

Vegan paleo is possible!

These vegan cigofte look amazing!

If you like middle east food, try some moussaka.

Zodles are a favorite of mine. Check out these ones from KetoDietApp with avocado, or you can top your zoodles with this walnut bolognese.

For pizza, you can have a cauliflower crust, or use a flax crust.

Cauliflower can be used to make tabbouleh as well as a potato salad that isn’t!

If you like shirataki pasta, give a go to this creamy curry noodle bowl, or try this pad thai (you can substitute the peanut butter for cashew or almond butter).

This vegan loaf looks spectacular!

And for some easier recipes, you can try this bok choy salad (replacing the honey with stevia) or these Collard green wraps.

Soy can be a great source of protein

You can use it to make burgers with white soy beans or using mung sprouts.

You can use soy granules for lasagna, tacos or cabbage rolls.

And edamame is great as a snack with some sesame and soy sauce, or as part of this keto lo mein.

And of course, tofu is a real star for low-carb vegan protein

This kale salad with tahini dressing looks amazing.

Scrambled tofu is great for a quick, easy fix.

If you like indian food, you can try my tofu tikka, some spiralized chowmein, this palak paneer (which uses tofu instead of cheese), this healthy Indian Curry or some curry coconut milk soup.

If you are into thai food, you can try my thai-style curry or this thai coconut peanut curry.

And you can try my soy-free tofu, made with flax and chickpea flour.

And for those of you who can tolerate seitan

You can use it to make steaks (this is my favorite seitan recipe!), sausages or to make mock chicken.

Eating vegetarian keto is quite difficult, but eating keto AND vegan seems almost impossible! So if you are vegan and are thinking of getting out of the high carb low fat funk, ori f you are an omnivore and want to introduce some more plant based protein in your diet, I am sure you will find some recipes here that will sound good!

I have put together the best recipes I have found: some I have tried and loved, other ones are in my to-do list, buta ll of them seem amazing!

This is the first part of a three-part Vegan Recipe roundup. And to start it right… let´s talk breakfast! Keto Breakfast doesnt always have to be eggs and bacon. I´m sure you will find these plant-based recipes to be just as satisfying!

Bullet Proof coffee is okay, but rocket fuel latte is even better. Just use a vegan protein poder instead of collagen and you are good to go!

This no-bake Keto Granola can be customized whichever way you like, and is perfect for those who miss crunchy cereal in the morning!

If you like hemp hearts, these overnight “oats”will be a perfect way to start your day – no cooking required:

Smoothies are great if you are in a rush: try it with berries, a chai-infused smoothie or go for a classic chocolate flavor.

If you like berries, this one is perfect for you!

Chia puddings are a classic.

You don´t have to miss out on the pancakes for Sunday morning!

If you prefer savory breakfasts, try this quiche,

or prepare a delicious breakfast bowl.

And this one is probably the easiest of all: instant “cereal” using coconut flout gives a great boost of protein in the morning!