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Indian NonVeg Meal Plan

Most meat-based keto meals that you will come across on the web feature bacon and beef as staple meat. For some of us, this simply doesn’t work as we have restrictions against certain type(s) of meat. Well guess what? Indian nonvegetarian cuisine is rich in chicken and lamb both of which are keto-friendly (with minor adjustments)!

The 15 day Indian Non-Veg Mealplan will enable you to kickstart your keto journey whilst pacifying your craving for that delicious meat full of spice and flavor. You can receive your copy in your inbox for 10 USD. If you do not have paypal, send me an e-mail and I will get back to you.

Your menu will include three daily meals, as well as the macros for each day.

Disclaimer: My advice, consultations and meal plan should not be considered a substitute for a real doctor-patient relationship. Please ask your doctor if you suffer from any medical conditions.