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Vegan Keto Breads

Making low carb bread can be a real challenge for vegans, as most keto breads are heavily egg based. I am afraid I found very few options for vegan keto breads, but I have tried most of the ones in this roundup and they will not let you down!

If you are a fan of indian food, you will love to hear you can make roti out of coconut flour, out of ground flax, and you can even try to make naan with coconut flour!
These broccoli parathas are delicious and require very few ingredients; simply substitute the cream cheese for your favorite almond cheese and you are in business!
For bread buns, you can enjoy these almond buns which are amazing for your morning toast!
If you miss crunchyness in your keto life, these crackers will save your day, and would make an awesome appetizer for your next low carb party.
And last but not least – the next recipes are probably the most bread-like, BUT they use vital wheat gluten, which might be a problem for some. I however sometimes use gluten for sausages or for bread and have no problem with it, so I thought I would include these as well: this recipe makes for an amazing looking bread loaf (and is very similar to a recipe that I myself make and that I love!), you can make a nutty bread and you can even make her low-carb foccacia! Hats off to Martine for these, they look absolutely delicious!
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