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Vegan Breakfast

Eating vegetarian keto is quite difficult, but eating keto AND vegan seems almost impossible! So if you are vegan and are thinking of getting out of the high carb low fat funk, ori f you are an omnivore and want to introduce some more plant based protein in your diet, I am sure you will find some recipes here that will sound good!

I have put together the best recipes I have found: some I have tried and loved, other ones are in my to-do list, buta ll of them seem amazing!

This is the first part of a three-part Vegan Recipe roundup. And to start it right… let´s talk breakfast! Keto Breakfast doesnt always have to be eggs and bacon. I´m sure you will find these plant-based recipes to be just as satisfying!

Bullet Proof coffee is okay, but rocket fuel latte is even better. Just use a vegan protein poder instead of collagen and you are good to go!

This no-bake Keto Granola can be customized whichever way you like, and is perfect for those who miss crunchy cereal in the morning!

If you like hemp hearts, these overnight “oats”will be a perfect way to start your day – no cooking required:

Smoothies are great if you are in a rush: try it with berries, a chai-infused smoothie or go for a classic chocolate flavor.

If you like berries, this one is perfect for you!

Chia puddings are a classic.

You don´t have to miss out on the pancakes for Sunday morning!

If you prefer savory breakfasts, try this quiche,

or prepare a delicious breakfast bowl.

And this one is probably the easiest of all: instant “cereal” using coconut flout gives a great boost of protein in the morning!

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