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Ham wheels

A very easy recipe and a great snack!

  • Sliced ham (you can use slices of chicken ham as well) (Its best that the slices are not too thin.
  • Whatever cheese you like best: I like mixing cream cheese with roquefort.
  • Other ingredients to taste: raisins, olives, walnuts... (You cannot use any fresh ingredients like arugula since you wouldn't be able to freeze it later.)
  • Process
    1. Spread the cheese on the ham, and then put the topping you want.
    2. Roll over itself as if it were a rug, then cover in some aluminum foil to make sure it holds the shape; after that, freeze for at least one hour.
    3. Take out of the freezer and, while it is still cold, cut in little thin wheels.
    4. Wait for about 20 minutes until they defreeze all the way through and serve.
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